• Blanket Hoodie

  • Get out of the bed in style when winters arrive with our warmest hoodie blanket!

Blanket Hoodie

Get out of the bed in style when winters arrive with our warmest hoodie blanket! SHOP

Blanket Hoodie

Blanket hoodie is the newest and most demanded product on the market right these days. Back in 2020, hoodie blankets were famous with the name of Oodies. These wearable hoodies are large hooded sweatshirts with extra-large Kangaroo pockets over them.
Every other celebrity, be it a TikTok star or a Hollywood hyped couple, has been spotted wearing these blanket hoodies. Just wait for the day with negative temperature; you will see every Instagram influencer posting their cute hoodie haul.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you wanna look cute, bestie? We don’t want you to be like, “Aww, how cute they are!” when you can look equally fantastic!
Oh, wait! Did you just imagine your crush calling you cute in our hoodie blanket? We knew this! Everybody looks super vibrant and attractive wearing blanket hoodies. Also, there’s no age barrier. Everyone from kids to teenagers to old dads and mommies can wear it. Yes! It’s that cool!

It'll be the Coziest Thing you've Ever Owned!

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A Great Spice to your Winter Collection!

Reasons Why You Should Have a Blanket Hoodie

Not only do people who wear our hoodies appear to be relaxed, but our hoodies also make a great fashion statement. Our hooded blanket has a lot to offer, so let's have a look at the pros.

You can do Twinning with your Loved One!
The most beautiful thing about a hoodie blanket is you can twin it with your partner, sister, brother, or even Mom and dad. In today's haute couture, "twinning" is pretty popular.
Top designers of now-a-day have doubled the prices of twin dresses. But you can grab our two same hoodie blankets for yourself and your loved one. You can even gift it to someone who loves baggy and oversized clothing.

No Fitting Issues
Better mobility and flexibility can be achieved by wearing clothing that fits loosely. You don't have to worry about showing off too much of your body because there are no tight sleeves or short hemlines.
People who wear oversized clothes feel more confident in times of sitting and bending than those who wear fitted clothes because of the binding effect on the knee area. When it comes to walking, baggy pants may help you take more giant steps than tight pants.
Never again will you have to deal with bothersome snags, popped buttons, or embarrassing nip-slips! Another perk of choosing our hoodie blanket is you are less likely to suffer a public meltdown. You’re covered, literally and metaphorically! You don't even have to bother about flashing people in the wrong way.

Beautiful Designs
At blankethoodies, you will find exciting and colorful oversized warm hoodie blankets in a variety of colorful and refreshing prints. With lots of new design improvements, the hoodies have become a tad fluffier and comfier and now you can easily stroll in and out of the house in these blanket hoodies.

Chilly Outdoor Parties
We often miss our friends but are afraid to meet them because it's too cold to step out of our room. But you can now attend chilly outdoor get-togethers without the fear of negative temperature. Just grab our hoodie blanket now!

Prevent Soaking with Body Odor!
Unlike other regular hoodies, our blanket hoodie has a large surface area. That’s the reason it keeps you warm without drenching you in sweat. Besides giving you comfortable warmth, a blanket hoodie keeps the lousy body odor inside it.

Covers your Head
A hoodie blanket covers your head along with your body. Most winter seasonal flu and cough attacks are because of our irresponsibility. We protect our bodies but forget to wrap our heads and ears. But don’t worry, a hoodie blanket won’t let you catch any seasonal disease.

Prevent Allergies
The blanket-hoodie uses a very gentle fabric that is kind to the skin and is highly breathable. Also, the hoodie is naturally hypoallergenic; hence it prevents allergic flare-ups on your skin. In case you are suffering from eczema or any skin disease, our blanket hoodie won’t let you deal with itching or irritations.

Makes your Daily Tasks Easily

Almost all of us don’t like to leave the warmth of our favorite blanket. But staying within it all day makes us lazy and idols.
However, you can easily do your daily home tasks without feeling numb and sluggish by wearing hoodie blankets. The reason for this is that it keeps you warm and vibrant.

Lightweight and Washable

Our hoodie blankets are super lightweight and easily washable. There’s no need to go to a laundry shop to get your hoodie washed. Just put the hoodie in the washing machine. And here you go! It’s clean.

It Makes Traveling Much More Convenient!

A blanket hoodie makes traveling more manageable because it eliminates the need to pack a large amount of warm clothing. Simply select two of your favorite hoodies from our collection, and you're ready to go.
Furthermore, it is comfy and pleasurable, which is ideal for long trips.


What types of materials are used in the making of a Hoodie Blanket?
Blanket Hoodie articles are made from a blend of innovative fabrics and cotton, making them both durable and soft against the skin. For further information on each product, please see the product descriptions on our website.

Will the Blanket Hoodie be a good fit for me?
Yes, without a doubt! Our hoodie blanket is made so that it can be customized to fit each and every individual. Blanket Hoodies are based on the design of a 6XL hoodie, with a few tweaks to make them more comfortable.

Is a Blanket Hoodie appropriate for children?
Yes! Our blanket hoodie is appropriate for people of all ages. Give it to the children in your family as a gift. To learn more about our products, please see their individual product descriptions!

What is the best way to wash a hoodie blanket?
Washing in cold water, whether by hand or machine, helps to keep the color of the fabric vibrant and reduces shrinkage. If you want to wash your Blanket Hoodie by itself, you can do so in the washing machine at a moderate temperature.

What should I do if I get a damaged item?
Please accept our apologies if your item is not in perfect condition! It's possible that something dreadful happened to it. We'll get on it as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience. If you need to contact us, please use our email address. We're here to assist you!

How long will it take for my Blanket Hoodie to be delivered?
The vast majority of our orders are delivered within 5-15 business days; however, this policy has some exceptions. So, if you're curious about when your order will be delivered or shipped out, you may keep track of it at any time!

What is your return policy, and when do you accept returns?
We're convinced that you'll enjoy everything about our Blanket Hoodie. However, if something goes wrong or the product gets damaged during shipping, don't rush! Returning an item is simple, and it must be done within 30 days of receiving the item. After receiving the returned item, the team will transact the money to your account within 5-10 business days of receiving it. However, you will not be reimbursed for your original shipping fees, so please double-check your purchases before proceeding.

Customer Reviews


I love this so much. It is extremely soft on the inside and outside. Big hoodie too. Lots of pocket room. The only thing I have to say is— don’t get this in the summer because you won’t want to wait to put it on and enjoy it and you will DEFINITELY get too hot if you wear it during hot seasons

Melissa Jimenez

Soft, Warm, and comfy is the way to describe the Comfy!!! This is a perfect gift for my daughter who is always cold. —She loves it. Seeing how wonderfully comfy it is my son want one too.

Leonardo Rodriguez

This thing is like being embraced by a warm cloud. Put it on and immediately fell into a cozy slumber. Great to also wear outside because who cares if you're walking around with a blanket on, you'll be warmer than them by far. Super soft!

About Us

A well-known and well-recognized global fashion brand in the Western world, BLANKETHOODIES.STORE has a long and distinguished history. Our objective is to make people realize their full potential and power, even on the coldest winter days.
We accomplish our mission by designing the most luxurious blanket hoodies for those who value fashion and warmth above all else.

We're constantly tweaking and tweaking our products to make them more user-friendly and comfier. It's our job to create products that make you feel cozy and comfortable. Our research team continually accepts client feedback and recommendations to develop the most outstanding blanket hoodie for you.
We use flannel fleece coupled with sherpa to keep you warm both inside and out when it's too chilly out. As a result, you don't have to worry about going outside when the temperature drops to below zero.

If you're looking for something that's soft and cushy, we've got you covered! The strong moral commitment of our company is to do our utmost to place ethics at the heart of its practices. Another perk to our business's long-term viability is that it is built on the foundation of trust.
Additionally, we consider the fashion preferences of our customers when creating new products. BLANKETHOODIES.STORE is attempting to impact the world through its efforts positively. With our items, you'll always feel supported and loved, no matter what life throws at you.

When in doubt about whether or not you're going to be warm enough, we recommend checking out our collection of hoodie blankets made from top-notch fabric.